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Combine And Organize PDFs

Create a new PDF by uploading two PDFs to merge together. Organize documents, streamline your work, and more.

Quick and Easy

This PDF merger is easy to use and will quickly produce your newly merged document.

Safe and Secure

Uploaded files are deleted after 24 hours.

100% Free

Our PDF merger is totally free! No limits on documents or tasks. Merge PDFs to your heart’s content.

No installation or sign-up required

Simply upload your documents and start merging! No downloading or signing up necessary.

Works on all systems

Our online PDF merger is designed to work on all systems, from your browser.

How it Works

How to Merge PDFs Online

How it Works

How to Merge PDFs Online

Upload documents

Upload the PDFs that you want to merge by using the Upload button and following the on-screen prompts.

Press Merge

Press Merge PDF to start combining your PDFs.


Download your newly merged PDF file.

example of how to upload file
Upload your documents to our online PDF merger

Upload the documents you want to merge using the upload button and adding the files you want to merge.

example of how to upload file
Press the Merge button to start combining files

Press Merge PDF to start combining your PDFs.

example of how to upload file
Download new PDF

Download your newly merged PDF files.

example of how to upload file
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What is the PDF combiner used for?
Use our PDF Combiner anytime you need to merge PDF documents together, for free.
What functions does the PDF combiner have?
Does combining documents save space?
Can you combine PDF files for free?
How do I combine PDF files?

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