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What’s New: PDF Pro is now available with OCR

February 8, 2022
1 min read
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The latest version of PDF Pro (v10.10.21.3956) is out with a big update that we’re excited to share with you.

What’s New! (Enhancements)

We’re extremely proud to announce that PDF Pro now has an OCR feature that’s available as an add-on!

We’ve partnered with IRIS Inc., a Canon company, to provide all PDF Pro customers with access to OCR technology, for all their PDF needs. 

IRIS Inc logo and text, with icons of documents using OCR

IRIS Inc. first launched its OCR program in 1987, and has since been a world leader in OCR technology. Now, over 30 years later, more than 250 software companies are using IRIS recognition software in their products and services. 

That means PDF Pro has the same world-class OCR technology that’s used by the likes of Canon, Adobe, and Microsoft.

What’s OCR? 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that converts text within images into editable, searchable text. 

Why it’s Exciting: 

PDF Pro users can now convert text from images, pictures, and image-based PDFs, into text that you can search and edit! 

This is especially helpful for business and academic purposes, and can improve productivity.

For example, OCR allows you to edit a scanned document or search for text in a large PDF with many pages.

This will save immense time and effort when working with any printable document, scanned paper documents or forms, text from pictures or downloaded images, eBooks, PDF textbooks or other documents with many pages. 

Other Improvements:

The PDF Pro team is always hard at work improving our app.

  • We’ve improved the stability and performance of PDF Pro.  
  • Several bugs were fixed in the Crop Page feature.
  • UI issues have been fixed (toolbar ribbon & Flatten file dialogue).
  • We fixed the bug of “silent app exits” when PDF Pro was minimized, and a non-modal dialogue box was closed.

Working with PDFs Has Never Been Easier

OCR converts text within images and image-based PDFs, into editable and searchable text. 

It allows you to edit and search text within scanned documents, files converted to PDFs, and PDFs with many pages.  You’ll save time when working with your documents, and you’ll have full control over your PDF files. 

Do you need a PDF editor with OCR? Try PDF Pro for free today! 

Already have PDF Pro? OCR is available as an add-on at any time.

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