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How to Turn an Image into a PDF on (Almost) Any Device in 2023

May 26, 2023
6 min read

Do you have images that you need to turn into a PDF? You're in the right place.


Whether you use Windows, Mac, or mobile phone, we'll show you steps to turn your images into PDF!

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PDFs take up less storage space than images, making them better for sending to others and printing.

But how do you turn an image into a PDF?

If you've opened the image on your computer, you may be left scratching your head.

Fortunately, it's probably easier than you think. And you probably already have a tool on your device that's capable of doing it. Continue reading to find out how!

What to Know Before You Start

Here are a few important things to keep in mind before turning your images into PDF:

  1. PDFs take up less storage space than images.
  2. PDF documents can contain multiple photos or images in a single file.
  3. PDFs are often easier to print or send to others.
  4. Any device: use one of our online Image to PDF Converters.
  5. Windows users: use PDF Pro's all-in-one PDF editor.
  6. Mac users: use Preview or Automator.
  7. iPhone and Android users can use the printer on their default photo app to turn images to PDF.

Why Turn Images to PDF?

While image files often have the better image quality, they can also be larger in file size. This can make them difficult to send to others.

On the other hand, PDFs are smaller in size, and can be shared, opened, and viewed on almost any modern device. PDFs also have additional benefits that image files do not.

Turning images into PDFs offers several benefits, including:

  • PDF files are smaller than image files, so they use less storage space.
  • PDFs can contain multiple pages with multiple images, in a single document.
  • PDFs can be compressed to reduce the file size, without losing quality.
  • PDFs are easier to share and print images.
  • PDFs can be encrypted and password-protected for additional security.

Different Types of Image Formats

There are different file formats for images, and each of them have their own uses, pros, and cons.

Common and popular image file formats include:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • BMP

Online converters may only be able turn a single photo, of a single format, to PDF, at a time. Whereas good PDF editors will be able to turn different kinds of image files to PDF at the same time.

How to Convert Image to PDF for Online (Free)

The best way to convert images to PDF is by using a free, online Image to PDF Converter like ours. A good converter will be fast, safe, and easy to use.

PDF Pro currently has free tools to convert JPG, PNG, and TIFF to PDF.

  1. Visit one of PDF Pro's Image to PDF converters.
  2. Upload your file.
  3. Press Convert to PDF.
  4. Download your new PDF file.

How to Turn an Image to PDF on Windows

There are different ways to turn images into PDF; including built-in tools, Microsoft Word, and third-party software.


If you regularly convert images to PDF (or vice versa), you’ll want to invest in a PDF editor for Windows desktop.

A good PDF editor can convert multiple images and photos to PDF at the same time. In this example, we'll be using PDF Pro, our all-in-one PDF editor, converter, annotation, and OCR tool.

But the steps will be similar on the PDF editor of your choice. Try PDF Pro for free today.

  1. In PDF Pro, press the Create tab.
  2. Press Create from file.
  3. Press Add files (or +).
  4. Find and Open the desired image.
  5. Press Create.

Adobe Acrobat

If you pay for Adobe Acrobat DC, you can use it to convert an image or photo to PDF.

Please note: this method won't work for the free version of Acrobat DC or Reader.

  1. In Acrobat, navigate Tools > Create PDF.
  2. Press Select a File.
  3. Find the location of your image file and click on it to open it.
  4. Press Create.
  5. Save your new PDF.

Print to PDF

Windows users can convert images to PDF without needing to download or install additional software.

You can use Microsoft's virtual printer to save your images to PDF format. You can even select multiple photos to convert them all to a single PDF at the same time.

  1. Open the folder where your image file is located.
  2. Right-click the image, then click Print.
    Tip: hold [ctrl] on your keyboard to select multiple images before right-clicking. The order you click the images will be their order in the final PDF.
  3. Set your printer as Microsoft Print to PDF.
  4. Press Print.
  5. Name your new PDF file, then press Save.

Microsoft Word

If you have Microsoft Word, you can use it to turn your image to a PDF file.

  1. In Microsoft Word, press Insert > Pictures.
  2. Open the image that you want to turn into PDF.
  3. Press File.
  4. Press Save As.
  5. From the dropdown menu, select PDF as the file type.
  6. Name your PDF, then click Save.

How to Turn an Image to PDF on Mac

Mac can use Preview or Automator to turn images to PDF for free, or can use third-party PDF editors like PDF Expert.


Preview is the built-in image and PDF viewer on Mac. It's also a free and easy way to turn images or photos into PDF without buying or installing additional software.

  1. In Preview, Open the image(s) that you want to turn into a PDF.
  2. Click File > Export as PDF.
  3. If needed, adjust the page orientation, size, and other settings.
  4. Name your new PDF, and choose a location on your computer to save it.
  5. Press Save.


Automator is used to create workflows and automate repetitive tasks. Like Preview, you can use Automator to turn images and photos into a PDF for free.

  1. Launch Automator (Finder > Applications > Automator).
  2. Press Service.
  3. Ensure that the Service receives selected option is set to image files in Finder.
  4. In the search box, type New PDF from Images.
  5. Adjust settings, if needed.
  6. Name and Save the new workflow.
  7. Right-click on the image you want to turn into PDF, then press Convert to PDF.

PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a third-party PDF editor made specifically for macOS and Mac devices. You can use it to turn images and photos into PDF format.

  1. Launch PDF Expert on your device.
  2. Drag-and-drop the image that you want to turn into a PDF onto the PDF Expert window. Tip: hold [ctrl] to select multiple images.
  3. Press Create.

How to Turn an Image into a PDF on iPhone or Android

To turn images and photos into PDF, you can use online converters, or even just the default photo app on your mobile device.

Online Converter

  1. Visit one of PDF Pro's Image to PDF Converters.
  2. Upload your image file.
  3. Press Convert to PDF.
  4. Download your new PDF file!

Photos App

  1. Open the default photo app and find the image you want to turn into a PDF.
  2. Press more options. (Depending on your device, the Options icon may be three vertical dots).
  3. Press Print.
  4. Set the Printer as Save as PDF.
  5. Press Print/Save to turn your image into PDF.

Next Steps for Your New PDF

If you picked the best method for yourself, and followed the steps, you should have a new PDF document (or many).

If you want to edit your PDFs even more, you'll need to use different tools.

Maybe you want to combine all the new PDFs into a single one. Or perhaps you want to perform OCR on the PDF so you can edit or search the text within the image.

Whatever's next for you PDFs, PDF Pro makes working with them a snap.

PDF Pro is our all-in-one PDF editor, converter, OCR, and security tool for Windows desktop.

Common next steps include:

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Here are some frequently asked questions about converting images or photos to PDF that we've answered for your benefit.

How do I convert an image file to a PDF?

The easiest way is by using a PDF editor like PDF Pro, that can instantly turn images or photos to PDF (or vice versa).

Steps: In PDF Pro > Create tab > Create from file > Add files > Open image > Create.

How do I convert iPhone photos to PDF?

Steps: Open the default photo app > open the image you want to convert > Press more options > Print > Set the Printer to "Save as PDF" > Press Print/Save.

How do I convert a picture to PDF on my phone?

You can use the default photo app on your phone to save photos as PDFs. Steps: Steps: Open the photo app > open the image you want to convert > Press more options > Print > Set the Printer to "Save as PDF" > Press Print/Save.

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