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How to Add a Text Box to PDF

December 8, 2021
Last Updated
March 15, 2024
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If you have a PDF that you need to add text to, this guide is for you! We’ll cover the easiest way to add text and text boxes into PDFs.

Text is one of the most important things about PDF documents.

PDFs make it extremely easy to receive text online, but adding text to a PDF is a different story.

It’s impossible to add text to PDF documents without a PDF editor like PDF Pro.

PDF Pro makes it extremely easy to add, insert, edit, and delete text, images, and more.

Why Add Text to a PDF?

There are countless reasons to add text to PDFs.

From signing forms, filling out important documents, tax forms, applications, transcripts, you name it, and you'll probably remember a time when you needed to add text to a PDF document.

And in the age of pandemics and remote work, the importance of being able to easily create, write on, and edit a PDF has only grown.

How to Add a Text Box to a PDF File

Adding a text box to a PDF is easy. We'll show you a couple different ways to add text to a PDF.

Insert Text box with TypeWriter Tool

The TypeWriter tool lets you write on top of a PDF document, just like you would on on a piece of paper. This tool is makes it easy to add text, write on PDFs, and fill forms. Try PDF Pro for free today

1. Open your PDF document in PDF Pro.

2. Press the TypeWriter button (located in the Home tab, and in the Markup tab).

TypeWriter button with a red box around it in the Home tab of PDF Pro.

3. Specify settings for your text (font, color, border, etc.)

Text Settings tab in PDF Pro.

4. Click the location on the PDF where you want to add text, and start typing. Click anywhere else (not your new text), or press the esc key, to exit the typing mode.

5. You can then click and move your text to different places, if you so choose.

Adding Text in a PDF

Adding text this way actually adds text within the contents of the PDF document. Much like you would a Word document.

Extremely useful, and more powerful than simply adding a text box or text on top of a document. Try PDF Pro for free today

1. Open your PDF in PDF Pro.

2. Press Add text, located in the Edit tab.

Add text to PDF

3. Specify text settings (font, size, color, etc.)

Text Settings tab in PDF Pro.

4. Click on the location of the document where you want to add your text, then start typing.

5. Once done typing, press the esc key, or click anywhere else on the document.

Text Box Options

When using the TypeWriter tool to add text and text boxes to your PDF document, there are a number of options you have access to.

  • Fonts
  • Font sizes
  • Bold or italics
  • Font & Border Colors
  • Thickness of the border
  • Adding/deleting/editing text
  • Transparency of your text box

Tips on Using Text Boxes for PDFs

  • Filling in PDF forms and filling in existing PDF forms
  • Adding comments, notes, feedback to an existing PDF document
  • Adding numbers to a PDF page
  • Form fields in documents
  • Existing text in a document
  • Text field
  • PDF files — many use cases
  • Create a PDF — creating a new PDF with additional text on it


Adding text to a PDF is easy, but you’ll need to use a PDF editor like PDF Pro. The best PDF editor (and easiest way to add text to a PDF) is PDF Pro. It’s our powerful, affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. With PDF Pro, adding text to a PDF is as simple as opening your PDF file and typing!

What else can PDF Pro help you do? Find out what else makes PDF Pro so awesome:

Do you have a PDF you want to add text to? Try PDF Pro for free today or Buy Now!

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